NCR RealPOS 7448

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NCR RealPOS 7448 combines the best features of a traditional POS terminal with an open architecture and flexibility in packaging.

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 POS-terminal NCR RealPOS 7448

NCR RealPOS 7448 combines the best features of a traditional POS terminal with an open architecture and flexibility in packaging.

Due to the presence of 6 RS-232 ports and two USB ports, the NCR RealPOS 7448 terminal can be equipped with various versions of monitors, keyboards, scanners, printers, depending on the type of outlet and the requirements of the workplace. All ports are powered, which allows you to connect peripheral devices directly through the system unit. 
The compact design of the NCR RealPOS 7448 frees up space on the counter. The terminal, printer, and cash drawer can be combined into an all-in-one configuration with an optional pallet.


  • 300 MHz processor

  • Integrated cache and video support

  • System memory: 16 MB or 32 MB by default (grows to 128 MB)

  • Passive cooling without the use of 

  • Built-in power supply

  • Integrated 10/100 Mbit Ethernet card

Ports for peripherals:

  • 6 RS-232 ports with power (5 Volt / 12 Volt)
  • 2 standard USB ports
  • Port for cash drawer (two cash drawer support with Y-cable)

Data storage:

  • HDD
  • Flash Disk: 8 MB, 24 MB, 48 MB
  • PCMCIA Standard Cards (PCMCIA Type II Connector Available)

Integrated options:

  • Magnetic stripe card reader (3 
  • Keypad lock for 5 positions
  • NiCad battery

Cashier display:

  • 10.4 "color or monochrome LCD display
  • 2x20 alphanumeric vacuum luminescent (VFD) display
  • CRT display 9 "

Integrated Keyboard:

  • 80-key programmable keyboard
  • Programmable keyboard for restaurants (micromotion) with 176 keys

Customer Display:

  • 4x20 alphanumeric vacuum-luminescent (VFD) display (integrated at checkout or standing separately)
  • 1x20 digital VFD display (integrated at the checkout or standing separately)
  • 2x20 alphanumeric VFD display, stand alone

Money box:

  • compact, medium-sized, full-sized, European standard

Operating system:

  • ** Microsoft ® DOS 6.22
  • ** Microsoft Windows® CE
  • ** Microsoft Windows® 98


  • NCR Printers
  • NCR Scanners
  • Kitchen Display NCR 2757
  • Coin storage and dispenser
  • Electronic (EFT) payment terminals


  • Model 1000: length 25.4 cm, width 36.5 cm, height 25.4 cm
  • Model 2000: length 28 cm, width 36.5 cm, height 35 cm

Operating characteristics:

  • Temperature: 0 ° C - 40 ° C

  • Relative humidity: 10-90%

  • Power supply: 200-240 Volt ~ 50-60 Hz, current 0.5 A

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