Programmable Data Terminal FAT810

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The FAT810 is a compact, programmable data collection terminal that communicates with a host PC via TCP / IP via Ethernet.
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The FAT810 is a compact, programmable data collection terminal that communicates with a host PC via TCP / IP via Ethernet. 
The controls include: an alphanumeric LCD display (16 characters x 2 lines), a 20-key programmable keyboard and a card reader (magnetic, barcode cards or RFID cards). 

When the FAT810 is connected to an Ethernet network, it functions as a TCP / IP terminal. The server can send commands and messages for display on the terminal display via Ethernet. The user can enter data from the keyboard or the built-in reader for subsequent transfer to the server. 

The FAT810 is designed based on the powerful Tibbo EM-1000 controller, which can be programmed in the BASIC language. 
The developer environment " TIDE"  - has a very friendly user interface that does not require you to special programming skills. 

Distinctive features:

  • Built-in Basic programming function
  • Keys: 20 programmable, mechanical (manufactured by Cherry)
  • Built-in alphanumeric LCD display up to 32 characters (16 characters in 2 lines)
  • Built-in card reader (magnetic, barcode, RFID cards) 
  • 4 inputs / outputs for connecting external devices
  • Feedback tone
  • Ability to work as a serial printer port
  • Interface: Ethernet, RS-232
  • Ability to work in buffer or non-buffer mode
  • Removable transparent caps of buttons for installation of labels with designation of keys
  • Can be mounted on a wall or mounted on a table
  • Supports multiple languages
  • The ability to display the input information on the integrated display
  • The ability to display messages on the integrated display
  • The ability to enter the character "*" (asterisk) from the keyboard or enter numbers when typing passwords


  • LCD display: 16 characters in 2 lines
  • Built-in reader speed: 7.62 ~ 127 cm / s
  • Standards and types of readers available: TK2-ABA, Barcode, RFID 125kHz Mifare, ISO14443A, 13.56MHz FeLiCa, NFC, ISO18092 13.56MHz.
  • Power supply: 9 Volts (only from external 220V power adapter)
  • Operating temperature range: +5 ~ 55
  • Dimensions: 105 x 185 x 55
  • Weight: ~ 425 gr.

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