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EM1202 BASIC-programmable Ethernet module includes 100Base / T Ethernet port, 4 serial ports, built-in flash-memory, EEPROM, 32 I / O lines that can be used to connect external devices.
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Occupying a small area on a printed circuit board (19x17mm), the BASIC-programmable plug-in module inherits most of the features of the larger EM1000 module. 

The module includes a 100Base / T Ethernet port, 4 serial ports, built-in flash memory, EEPROM, 32 I / O lines that can be used to connect external devices (LCD, keyboard, speaker, card reader, etc.). 

Due to its small size, the EM1202 module can be used as a network interface in automation, security and data acquisition systems. 

The EM1202  also supports a Wi-Fi interface (the GA1000 module is also required).


  • Based on a high-performance 88MHz ASIC (T1000) controller.
  • 10 / 100BaseT auto-MDIX Ethernet port (without transformer isolation).
  • Optional - Wi-Fi interface (requires a GA1000 expansion board).
  • 4 high-speed serial ports (CMOS level):
  • Speed up to 921,600;
  • Parity modes: None / even / odd / mark / space;
  • 7/8 bit data transfer format;
  • Full duplex mode with flow control option;
  • Half duplex mode with direction control;
  • Encryption and debugging of Wiegand and clock / data streams.
  • Up to 1024KB flash-memory for firmware, applications and data.
  • 2KB EEPROM for data storage.
  • Support for external LCD-panel and keyboard.
  • Programmable sound generator for external speaker.
  • Up to 32 general-purpose I / O lines (including 8 interrupt lines).
  • 4 lines for monitoring the status of LEDs.
  • Software controlled embedded PLL.
  • Reliable power failure circuits.
  • Power supply: 230mA @ 3.3V (100BaseT mode, PLL on).
  • Dimensions: 17.1x19.1x14.6mm.
  • The firmware is updated via the serial port (RS232) or ethernet.

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