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The EM1206 is a miniature BASIC-programmable plug-in module. In combination with the RJ203 (jack / magnetics) connector, the EM1206 takes up only 34.5x19mm of PCB space. EM1206 can be used with any suitable ethernet connector.
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EM1206 BASIC - programmable Ethernet module.

The EM1206 is a miniature BASIC-programmable plug-in module. In combination with the RJ203 (jack / magnetics) connector, the EM1206 takes up only 34.5x19mm of PCB space. EM1206 can be used with any suitable ethernet connector.

The module includes a 100Base / T Ethernet interface, 4 serial ports, a flash disk, an EEPROM, and a RTC (real time counter). Thus, the EM1206 is ideally suited for embedding in end products, such as sensors, magnetic card readers (card resaders) connected to the network, drives, and other devices.

The EM1206 optionally supports Wi-Fi connections (WA1000 is required for this), as well as the possibility of external connection of the LCD display, keyboard, and sound source.

EM1206 can be ordered separately, as well as in conjunction with the RJ203 module.

Hardware part (Hardware)


  • Based on a high-performance 88MHz ASIC (T1000) controller.
  • 10 / 100BaseT auto-MDIX Ethernet port (without galvanic isolation?).
  • Optional Wi-Fi interface (WA1000 module required).
  • 4 high-speed serial ports (CMOS level):
  • Rate (Baudrates) up to 921,600;
  • parity modes - none / even / odd / mark / space;
  • 7/8 bit data transfer format;
  • Full duplex mode with flow control option;
  • Half duplex mode with split control (direction control);
  • Encryption and decryption of Wiegand and clock / data streams.
  • Up to 1024KB flash memory for firmware, application and data.
  • 2KB EEPROM for data storage.
  • RTC with auxiliary power input (for backup battery)
  • Supports an external LCD display and keyboard.
  • Programmable square sound generator for external buzzer.
  • Up to 17 common I / O lines (including 8 interrupt lines).
  • Controlled lines for 2 external LEDs.
  • 4 built-in LEDs:
  • green and red LEDs;
  • Green and yellow LEDs for Ethernet.
  • Programmable embedded PLL.
  • Reliable power-on / brown-out circuit reset circuit.
  • Power supply: 230mA, 3.3V (100BaseT mode, PLL on).
  • Dimensions: 33.2x18.1x5.5mm.
  • The firmware is updated via serial port or ethernet.

Programming features.

Objects supported by the platform:

  • Sock - support for sockets (up to 16 UDP, TCP and HTTP sessions).
  • Net - control ethernet port.
  • Wln - Wi-Fi interface object (WA1000 module is required).
  • Ser - up to 4 serial ports (UART, Wiegand and clock / data modes).
  • Io is a general-purpose I / O line object, ports and interrupts.
  • Kp - scans the external keyboard matrix.
  • Rtc - the object contains the current time and date.
  • Fd - manages the flash-file system and separate access to sectors.
  • Stor - provides access to the EEPROM
  • Romfile - facilitates access to file resources (fixed data).
  • Pat - controls the LEDs.
  • Beep - generates a sound signal.
  • Button - controls the MD line (settings key)
  • Sys - an object of general functionality of the device

 Groups of functions: String functions (Strings functions) (21 in total!), Date time conversion functions and hash calculation functions (md5 and sha1).

 Variable types: Byte, char, integer (word), short, dword, long, real, string + arrays and structures.

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