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Controller With Digital Inputs | Tibbo DS1005 is available for purchase in increments of 1
8 opto-decoupled inputs, 6 high-power relays and a universal RS232 / 485 port make the DS1005 a great tool in the fields of industrial automation and building automation.
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Unlike most other remote control products, the DS1005's capabilities are not limited to simply transferring data to a central server. The possibility of programming in Tibbo BASIC allows you to create intelligent systems in which the DS1005 module itself can make control decisions in real time.

The DS1005 is particularly suitable for implementing access control tasks: 4 of 8 digital inputs can be used to connect 2 magnetic card readers (2 inputs to each reader), the remaining 4 inputs can be used to connect the door “lock”, exit buttons and t .d

DS1005 comes with a loaded application. The application is designed for remote control / monitoring of analog I / O lines and relays using a web browser or AggreGate Tibbo system. Open source application allows you to reconfigure it for specific needs, thereby increasing functionality.


  • Interface part - IB1005 board:

    • 8 opto-untied inputs, 4 of which can be used to connect up to 2 Wiegand or clock / data readers;
    • 6 high-power relays (10A / 30VDC);
    • 1 RS232 / 485 port;
    • 8 status LEDs.
  • Network part - NB1000 board:

    • Based on the EM1000 BASIC-programmable module;
    • 10 / 100BaseT, auto MDIX Ethernet port;
    • 1024KB flash-memory for firmware, application and data storage;
    • 2KB EEPROM for data storage;
    • RTC with capacitor for backup power;
    • Built-in speaker;
    • 11 status LEDs;
    • Power supply: 10-18V;
    • Firmware is updated via serial port or ethernet network;
  • Dimensions: 91x104x99mm (including protective case).
  • Aluminium case.
  • IP68 set (when using a protective cover).
  • Operating temperature range of -30 C to +80 .
  • CE and FCC certificates.

The kit includes:
DS1000 waterproof kit with cover 
DMK1000 kit for DIN rail mounting 
TB1000 terminal block connector 
WAS-P0040 serial cable for firmware upgrade

Optional accessories: 
12V / 1A adapter : APR-P0008 (US), APR-P0009 (EU), APR-P0010 (UK) 
WAS-1499 straight Ethernet cable (crossover cable can also be used with this device)

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