Programmable Board DS1206N

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The DS1206N is a BASIC-programmable board, primarily designed for the tasks of remote control of a serial device and the conversion of RS232 / Ethernet interfaces.
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The DS1206N is a BASIC-programmable card, primarily intended for the tasks of remote control of a serial device and the conversion of RS232 / Ethernet interfaces ("serial-over-IP"). Comes with a fully loaded serial-over-IP firmware. 

Just as for the DS1206 controller , the DS1206N board has a multi-channel serial port feature The device has a single DB9 connector, but it can implement up to 3.5 independent serial channels. If you are not using the DSR and DTR lines, they can be configured under the Rx and Tx lines of the additional channel. The same goes for RTS and CTS signals. In total, it is possible to implement up to 15 different combinations.

Three board modifications are available with different serial port and power supply implementations. Comes with a fully loaded serial-over-IP firmware.


Three modifications are available: DS1206N-RS, DS1206N-TM and DS1206N-TS. 
Based on a high-performance 88MHz ASIC (T1000) controller. 
10 / 100BaseT, auto-MDIX Ethernet port. 
3.5 serial channels: 
DS1206N-RS: RS232 port (DB9M connector); 
DS1206N-TM, "-TS": TTL serial port ("pin" connector); 
Speed up to 921,600 b / s; 
Parity modes: None / even / odd / mark / space; 
7/8 bit data transfer format; 
Full duplex mode with flow control option; 
DS1206N-TM and "-TS": Half-duplex mode with control of the direction of data transmission; 
Flexible configuration of lines (up to 15 different options), for example: 
Single channel: RX, TX, CTS, RTS, DSR and DTR lines;
3.5 channels: RX, TX, RX2, TX2, RX3, TX3 and RX4 lines. 
DS1206N-RS: optional "12V" output via DB9M connector; 
DS1206N-TM: optional "12V" input through the serial port. 
Up to 1024KB flash-memory for firmware, applications and data. 
2KB EEPROM for data storage. 
4 LEDs: 
green and red LEDs of general status on the top panel of the device; 
Ethernet status LEDs on the RJ45 connector. 
Software controlled embedded PLL. 
Power supply: 
DS1206N-RS, "-TM": built-in converter, 10-24V (12V nominal); 
DS1206N-TS: 3.3V direct input (tolerance +/- 5%). 
Board dimensions: 52.6x38.0mm. 
The firmware is updated via the serial port (RS232) or ethernet.


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