HappyCall HC-213R Receiver / Display

 Happycall receiver (monitor)
No. models


 AM / 311Mhz


 10 digits (99)

Indication simultaneously

 10 digits 3 indications

Display size

110? 180mm (2.3inch? 2ea, 1.5inch? 4ea)
Product size
 200 (W)? 270 (L)? 35 (H)


1080g (SET)
 DC12V / 500mA
3 numbers can be called at the same time, 9 - in memory
12 kinds of melodies and 9 kinds of voices (optional)


Main functions:

  • Remote control;
  • It can process 12 calls (3 at once, 9 in memory) at the same time;
  • Selection of 12 types of call melodies and 9 types of voice alerts (optional);
  • Customizable display time numbers (from 3 to 99 seconds);
  • Select the number of calls (ringtone from 1 to 99 times, voice alert or siren 1-2 times).

Informacje dodatkowe

Producent DMCall
Weight Nie

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