Tibbo offers two lines of external device servers: the DS110X family of serial controllers and Tibbo Project System (TPS) devices in select configurations.

Both the DS110X and TPS offerings comprise general-purpose BASIC/C-programmable devices running our open-source serial-over-IP (SoI) application.

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  1. Ethernet Interface Converter Tibbo DS203+RS232
    DS203 is the latest stylish and compact Ethernet converter model - asynchronous RS232 interface. DS203 will allow you to easily and quickly connect any device that uses an aging RS232 interface, not only to the local network, but also to the Internet! Dowiedz się więcej
    507,34 zł
  2. Ethernet Interface Converter Tibbo DS1202 BASIC+RS232
    DS1202 is a miniature BASIC-programmable controller, primarily designed to solve the problems of converting RS232-ethernet interfaces and controlling devices connected to a serial port. Dowiedz się więcej
    540,31 zł
  3. Interface Converter RS232 / 422/485 / Ethernet Tibbo DS100
    DS100 is a Serial / Ethernet interface converter. The DS100 will connect external serial devices to an Ethernet network. Dimensions: 95x57x30mm, DS100: RS232, DS100B: RS232 / 422/485 Dowiedz się więcej
    513,94 zł
  4. Interface Converter RS-232 to RS-422
    Designed to connect systems or devices with RS422 / RS485 interface to computer’s RS232 port Dowiedz się więcej
    144,97 zł
  5. Interface Converter RS232 To PS/2 KB

    The converter is used to connect as PS / 2 passive devices with RS-232 serial interface to a PC via USB

    Dowiedz się więcej
    161,42 zł
  6. Controller RS232/422/485 to Ethernet Tibbo DS1102

    The DS1102 is a compact BASIC-programmable controller targeting serial-over-IP and serial control applications. The DS1102 features a universal RS232/422/485 serial port. The device has a single DB9M connector and is priced as a single-port product, yet provides three independent serial channels (when in the RS232 mode).

    Dowiedz się więcej
    513,94 zł
  7. Converter Tibbo DS1101 RS232 to Ethernet, BASIC

    Dual mode device: depending on the uploaded firmware it can operate as a fix serial-Ethernet converter or a Basic programmable controller. Every serial device can easily be made ethernet accessible by using a DS1101. It provides a cost-effective, easy to develop alternative compared to embedded Linux systems.

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    470,46 zł
  8. Controller Tibbo RS232 To Ethernet Controller, BASIC

    Compact BASIC-programmable controller focused on cost-effective control systems for serial and serial-over-IP devices.

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    387,43 zł
  9. Controller Tibbo DS1005 With Digital Inputs
    8 opto-decoupled inputs, 6 high-power relays and a universal RS232 / 485 port make the DS1005 a great tool in the fields of industrial automation and building automation. Dowiedz się więcej
    1 393,58 zł
  10. Controller With Analog Inputs | Tibbo DS1004
    Controller with 8 A / D inputs, 4 D / A outputs, 2 low-power relays and 1 RS232 / 485 port. Dowiedz się więcej
    2 273,21 zł
  11. Controller Tibbo DS1000 with 4 Non-Insulations. RS232 Ports
    The DS1000 has four ports with an RS232 interface and a port with a 100BaseT Ethernet interface. Dowiedz się więcej
    1 336,25 zł
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Produkty 13

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