These miniature embedded modules are programmable in Tibbo BASIC / Tibbo C and are perfect for IoT and automation applications.

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  1. Module EM100 Serial-To-Ethernet

    Module EM100 Serial-To-Ethernet

    The EM100 is the original 10BaseT Serial Ethernet Tibbo product for onboard installation. Dowiedz się więcej
    227,00 zł
  2. TIBBO EM1000

    TIBBO EM1000

    240,00 zł

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  3. Tibbo EM120 Embedded Interface Converter

    Tibbo EM120 Embedded Interface Converter

    Converter "serial / ethernet". The EM120 is a second-generation module that is improved compared to the EM100. 10BaseT low power Ethernet port. Dowiedz się więcej
    235,00 zł
  4. Ethernet Module | Tibbo EM1202

    Ethernet Module | Tibbo EM1202

    EM1202 BASIC-programmable Ethernet module includes 100Base / T Ethernet port, 4 serial ports, built-in flash-memory, EEPROM, 32 I / O lines that can be used to connect external devices. Dowiedz się więcej
    269,00 zł
  5. Tibbo EM200

    Tibbo EM200

    The EM200 is the latest, most compact serial device TCP / IP embedded module for use in more complex products. Dowiedz się więcej
    230,00 zł
  6. WA2000 Wi-Fi/BLE Add-on Module

    WA2000 Wi-Fi/BLE Add-on Module

    The WA2000 adds 802.11abgn Wi-Fi and BLE4.2 Bluetooth Low-Energy connectivity to compatible programmable Tibbo devices. The module is an upgrade of Tibbo's GA1000 Wi-Fi add-on module. The WA2000 utilizes the SPI interface and requires only 5 I/O lines to control. The module is supplied in two versions: the WA2000U with an U.FL connector for attaching an external antenna, and WA2000C device with a chip antenna onboard.

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    105,00 zł
  7. EM2000 Programmable IoT Module

    EM2000 Programmable IoT Module

    The EM2000 is a full-featured Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable IoT Module with four UARTs and Ethernet, as well as optional Wi-Fi*, BLE** (Bluetooth Low-Energy), and GPRS*** connectivity. The module offers substantial speed and functionality improvements over its predecessor — the original EM1000 device.

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    137,00 zł

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