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Contactless smart card readers that support MIFARE® technology are quite common. The MIFARE® standard, developed by the Dutch company NXP Semiconductors, is the base for the operation of readers (readers) and smart cards at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. Antennas that transmit radio signals are integrated both into the reader and into RFID cards.

The MIFARE contactless (MIFARE readers) intended for use in conditions of high bandwidth activity, for example, in access control systems (ACS), the travel infrastructure in public transport.

One can note the key advantages of MIFARE readers:

  • high read/write speed (about 10 msec);
  • support cryptographic algorithms for authentication and information transfer;
  • quite a large amount of memory.

MIFARE readers are used in warehouses to optimize staff performance, automation, etc. In real time, these readers produce data exchange with the information system of the enterprise. After analyzing the information from the smart card or tag, the reader connected to the computer the loader can inform the employee of the warehouse where the goods are to be delivered or issue a warning when it is placed in the wrong place. In conditions of high traffic, contactless smart card and MIFARE labels gives considerable advantages, as well as reduces time for completing, sorting and shipment.

Special RFID-reader antenna design allows guaranteed to identify the label on a product, irrespective of their position in space and, thus, eliminate the human element in the assembly and shipment of goods and materials. The completed cargo can also be equipped with an RF tag. When loading, the information system will automatically check that the goods are loaded in the vehicle that will deliver it to the right place at the right time.


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