Akceptory banknotów

Bill validator (validator, bill acceptor) - unit , designed for the reception of paper money, usually used in devicesand systems, self-service population (shopping and gaming machines, payment terminals). With the help ofsystems of sensors, bill acceptor determines the denomination of bills and checks its authenticity, using the comparison of the optical and magnetic characteristics of bills with the benchmark images stored in the built-in flashmemory. Accepted bills are stored in the stacker (metal box, safe) or in a special bag.

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  1. Bill Acceptor MEI CASHFLOW SC

    Bill Acceptor MEI CASHFLOW SC

    MEI CASHFLOW SC is a high-performance bill acceptor designed to work in self-service terminals of both indoor and outdoor installation. Dowiedz się więcej
    725,00 zł
  2. ICT Bill Acceptor Of A7 / V7 Series

    ICT Bill Acceptor Of A7 / V7 Series

    Bill acceptors of the A7 and V7 series (MDB version) are truly time tested: this model appeared on the Russian market back in 2003 and is still being successfully used both in the gaming industry and in vending and instant payment systems Dowiedz się więcej
    292,50 zł

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  3. CT V77E Bill Acceptor

    CT V77E Bill Acceptor

    The new model of the bill acceptor from the ICT corporation, which came to replace the V7 series, which have long been the leaders in sales in the gaming and vending machines market. Improved recognition of bills, protection against fakes, supports wide bills. Dowiedz się więcej
    220,00 zł

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