Street camera is the surveillance camera that has all the necessary characteristics of protection from the influence of the external environment to work on the street.

The main problem of street cameras (or camera surveillance) is an atmospheric precipitation, temperature variations, humidity or mechanical damage. In order to avoid damage, the dome camera is made from durable transparent material, which protects the optics and electronics from the negative impact of the environment and is able to withstand severe blows. Typically, these cameras have the degree of protection the IP standard. Turning mechanisms and the basis of a video surveillance system are most often made of metal, as this material is the most durable and well resists unfavorable weather conditions.

In those latitudes, where winter frosts occur, the camera must also be resistant to low temperatures. Because of this their warm rubber, penopolipropilenom or other heating elements, which maintained normal temperature inside the dome and allow you to operate the camera even in most severe winters.

In addition, for street cameras, anti-vandal protection is important, that is, their dome should be shockproof so that mechanical damage does not affect the durability of the CCTV system.


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