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The driver allows you to use a Wi-Fi radio data collection terminal (TSD) with the Windows operating system to perform acceptance, shipment or inventory.

The PROF-version of the driver allows you to check the balances and prices, acceptance and release of the goods, as well as printing on command from the TSD price tags. 

The driver implements the standard for the trade equipment driver, thanks to which it works seamlessly in the “Trade management” (UT) configurations, starting with version 10.3.1, “Manufacturing enterprise management” (UCP), starting with version 1.2.6, “Complex” and other configurations based on the listed standard. 

The general functionality of this type of drivers is published on the ITS disk in the “Working with Trading Equipment” section of the Methodological Support for “1C: Enterprise 8.1”. The Wi-Fi driver is deviating from the standard in terms of equipment connectivity, since in fact, 1C is connected not to the trade equipment, but to the Wi-Fi terminal server.

The driver allows you to perform the operation “Collecting barcodes” to several employees at once in the hands of the TSD, and then selectively load the collected data into 1C documents. 

Through the use of Mobile SMARTS, the driver understands the barcode patterns of products, allowing you to work with barcodes in which the quantity, weight, expiration date, etc. are “sewn up”. 

Going beyond the driver standard, you can directly contact the Mobile SMARTS server, giving employees tasks to perform any operations, and not just "Barcode collection." 

The driver is protected by a software license, which is issued separately for each terminal in accordance with its unique code returned by the driver processing (see the section on receiving the terminal code).

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