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DS203 is the latest stylish and compact Ethernet converter model - asynchronous RS232 interface. DS203 will allow you to easily and quickly connect any device that uses an aging RS232 interface, not only to the local network, but also to the Internet!

Attention! The DS203 module is a complete analog of the DS202 module!

The DS203  is an electronic device that is a compact Ethernet converter - an asynchronous RS232 interface. 

DS203  will allow you to easily and quickly connect any device that uses an aging RS232 interface, not only to the local network, but also to the Internet! 

You can control one or several devices, such as a printer with a serial interface, electronic scales, a magnetic card reader, a barcode scanner, a mini PBX, etc., located at a great distance or anywhere in the global network from one computer .

The greatest effect is achieved when using devices for communication over TCP / IP with data collection terminals, time attendance or access control terminals, as well as with any other control terminals having an RS232 interface (packet data transfer request / response).

DS203 Features:

  • Serial Interface: RS232 (Rx, Tx, CTS, RTS)
  • Network Interface: 100BaseT Ethernet
  • Supported protocols: TCP, UDP, ICMP (ping), ARP
  • Two extended internal directional buffers (12Kb)
  • Six LEDs displaying status
  • The ability to change the configuration through the network or through the serial port
  • Ability to update the internal program via a serial port or network
  • The ability to change the IP address through the network
  • Changing the parameters of a serial connection (transmission speed, parity, stop bits, etc.) "on the fly", i.e. without interrupting data transmission
  • Power supply: 10-25VDC
  • Dimensions: 60x47x30mm
  • Operating conditions: 0 ... 55 ° С

VSPD - Virtual Serial Port Driver. Virtual Serial Driver. 

The driver is installed under any (from Win98 and higher) version of Windows and creates the so-called virtual COM-port. By specifying the TCP / IP address in the driver properties, it is set to which DS100 / EM100 module the information addressed to the created COM port will be redirected. The only thing that is required from the software servicing the device with the RS232 interface is to indicate the new COM port for communication. Thus, it is not necessary to change the existing software for this device! Thanks to the use of VSPD, the program will not notice that the device is actually connected not to the computer, but to the network.

Moreover, if you have a dedicated global TCP / IP address, the RS device can be located anywhere - just connect it to the Internet!

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