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Fiscal registrar "Maria-301MTM.01" produced by Resonance is intended for use in pawnshops, in the sale of jewelry, as well as in accepting payments in the areas of trade, catering, services, and cellular communications.

Brief specifications

MARIA 301 MTM is a representative of a group of fiscal registrars - cash registers without a keyboard, which are controlled by the computer. It is used in cases where the functionality of a regular cash register does not fully satisfy the needs of a commercial enterprise.

PPO (fiscal printer) "Maria-301 MTM" is designed for cash and non-cash payments in supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants and cafes, pharmacies, in warehouses using computer systems. The Maria-301 MTM fiscal printer is one of the latest achievements in the field of microelectronics and software technologies. Two reliable silent Japanese thermal printers Citizen LT-1220H, high print speed (20 lines per second), an optional auto-trimming mechanism for the Citizen ACS 225 check, modern PPO components provide high reliability and productivity for retail and wholesale enterprises of any format. With a cash tape width of 57.5 mm, the printing width of a check is 54 mm or 43 characters. This allows you to place in the check the most complete and clear information about the product, its value and quantity.

Registrar "Maria - 301 MTM" according to the Technical Requirements for fiscal registrars allows you to pre-program or program in sales mode 9999 (!!!) articles, while the number of characters in the article in the RAM memory is 24 characters, and the advanced information on the article can be 129 (!!!) characters



Printing method

Thermal check and control tape

Width of check and control tape

2 x 57.5 mm

Number of characters per line


The number of characters in the product name

43 + 43 + 43 = 129

Print speed

80 mm / s

The number of tax rates


Tax Calculation Algorithm

Nested (by type "VAT inclusive"); Imposed (by type "VAT addition"); 
Tax on personal income

Two tax rates for one position in the check (according to the type “VAT and pension fund from price without VAT” or “VAT and hotel tax from price without VAT”)

The possibility of registration of returns

For all tax rates, separate accumulation of data on sales and returns, taking into account discounts

Discounts - surcharges

Various discounts for each product separately or as a single check as a whole with recalculation of the amount of taxes

Check Office

Optional: auto cutter or manual cutter

Customer indicator


I / O Ports

R5232 for communication with a computing device 
Cash drawer

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