HappyCall HC-303R

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The receiving device of the wireless call system.


HappyCall  is an advanced multi-purpose wireless call system consisting of receivers and transmitters. When the user presses the button of the transmitter, the number of this transmitter appears on the receiver's display, accompanied by a melody. 

HappyCall helps you quickly and accurately meet the needs of your client. 

Frequency: Am / 311Mhz 
Display: 100 units (999) 
Display size: 215x110mm 
Product size: 300x180x53mm 
Weight: 1650g 
Power: DC12V / 500mA

Main functions:

  • Remote control;
  • It can handle 12 calls (3 at once, 9 in memory) at the same time;
  • Selection of 12 types of call melodies and 9 types of voice alerts (optional);
  • Customizable display time numbers (from 3 to 99 seconds);
  • Select the number of calls (melody from 1 to 99 times, voice notification or siren 1-2 times).


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