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ICT3K5 meets the widest demands of the market, offering the opportunity to work with magnetic, chip and contactless MIFARE cards.

The new version of the ICT3K5 card reader allows you to work with "contactless" cards based on the MIFARE standard, which is one of the most popular in the world.

ICT3K5 MIFARE meets the widest and most volatile market requirements, offering the ability to work with magnetic, chip and "contactless" cards in one device.

Using ICT3K5 MIFARE , you can switch to new “contactless” technologies at any time without additional time and / or cost (installation of a reader card, upgrade, etc.).

Moreover, ICT3K5 MIFARE guarantees the security of data transmission: since contactless cards are inserted into the device just like regular cards, there is an additional possibility of removing the card in case of unreliability or its expiration (capture function).

ICT3K5 MIFARE is the ideal solution for all applications involving the use of cards, such as automatic cash registers, automatic payment systems, information and multimedia kiosks, parking for cars, fidelity cards, access control systems for companies and government agencies, automatic systems for lotteries, bingo and gaming industry in general.


Type of


Magnetic card

Reading 3 tracks (ISO7810 / 11)

Chip card

Read / Write (ISO7816)

EMV3.1.1 Level 1


Contactless chip card

MIFARE Standard, Read / Write


Fully closing plastic shutter, anti-vandal, chemically resistant

Card detection

Card width sensor


Is available

Power supply

+12 Vdc


RS232 serial


1 slot for SAM on the board (it is possible to install up to 4 external SAM slots)


97 x 167.5 x 43 mm

MTBF time

600K magnetic card cycles; 1M for engine

Card capture function

Is available

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