The concept of the DS10xx family

System Integrators - This One's For You

Access control, security and safety systems, industrial and building automation, remote I/O, data collection ... These are just few of the areas where our DS10xx family of BASIC-programmable industrial controllers will help you achieve your goals under budget and ahead of schedule.

Every integration project is a custom job, which is why our DS10xx platform is designed for easy customization. Slide-in board construction and separation of device functionality into networking and I/O "sides" simplify tailoring to specific project needs. Use one of our standard I/O boards, make your own, or ask us to do it for you!

Going beyond the primitive logic of PLCs, remote I/O, and "quick configuration" products, our DS10xx devices offer you a full-featured programming environment that is also easy to master. Plus, there is a growing number of open-source applications that you can use to jump-start your project!


Designed to Stand Out

Each DS10xx device is a winning combination of content and style. More protection, more convenience. The housing combines the mechanical strength and elegant appearance that will provide DS10xx devices among other "grey boxes" of your wiring closet.


Go beyond primitive ladder logic of PLCs, while avoiding the complexity of Linux systems. Tibbo BASIC is a powerful programming language that is also easy to learn. Create rich, web-enabled applications supporting browser-based configuration, TCP, UDP, email, data storage, etc.


A single PC application -- Tibbo IDE -- is used for code editing and cross-debugging which doesn't require any additional hardware (such as an ICE machine). Plug the DS10xx and your PC into the same LAN and debug right through the network!


Each DS10xx device is characterized by two parts - the network part (board NB10x0) and the interface part (the board IB100x). Any "NB" charge can be used with any "IB" charge - you can use any combination of these charges to achieve the necessary functionality.


Specify your own "IB" board and we will build it for you. Alternatively, design the board by yourself -- we will happily sell you "just half" of the device. Need a different connector configuration on the top cover? We can offer this at a very attractive price, too.


Put on the included secondary cover, and your DS10xx device becomes water- and dust-proof to IP68.


The extruded-profile aluminum body is recyclable, which means that DS10xx devices are as easy on the planet as they are on your wallet.

Range of devices

Each DS10xx device is determined by its interface board (IB100x) and network board (NB10x0). All "IB" and "NB" combinations are valid. At the moment, only one kind of "NB" board is supplied — the NB1000. More "NB" boards are on the way!

Need a custom-made "IB" board? Talk to us!

DS10xx Device "IB" and "NB" Boards

4 RS232 ports

IB1000 + NB1000

4 RS232/422/485 ports

IB1002 + NB1000

4 isolated RS232/422/485 ports

IB1003 + NB1000

8 analog inputs,
4 analog outputs,
1 RS232/485 port,
2 low-power relays

IB1004 + NB1000

8 digital opto-inputs,
6 high-power relays,
1 RS232/485 port

IB1005 + NB1000
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