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The DS1000 has four ports with an RS232 interface and a port with a 100BaseT Ethernet interface.
Serial to Ethernet Controller Tibbo DS1000 with 4 Non-Insulations RS232 jest do kupienia w przyrostach co 1

DS1000. Tibbo BASIC Programmable Controller

The DS1000 is the first representative of the new Tibbo DS10xx family of production controllers programmed on BASIC. The DS1000 has four ports with an RS232 interface and a port with a 100BaseT Ethernet interface.
The DS1000 is a winning combination of content and style. The massive but streamlined waterproof case combines mechanical strength and an elegant appearance that will distinguish the DS1000 from a number of other DIN devices. As for the DS1000 actions performed, it all depends on the tasks. Its functional purpose completely depends on the written program in the Basic language. It is possible to create web applications that support basic browser configurations, a direct TCP and UDP connection, email, information storage, etc. Thus, the DS1000 can be used as an intelligent serial port controller, a serial device server, or a serial connection gateway.

Powerful hardware:

  • Based on the EM1000 module  :
    • Processor clock speed 88 MHz
    • 512/1024 KB built-in flash disk
    • Built-in real-time clock with independent power
    • WiFi option - connections
  • 100BaseT Ethernet port
  • Four high-speed RS232 ports:
    • Transmission speed up to 920Kbps
    • TX, RX, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR lines
    • Automatic flow control (flowcontrol)
  • Numerous status LEDs
    • Primary Status LED
    • Ethernet status LED
    • LED to determine the strength of the RF signal
    • 4 pairs of red and green LEDs to determine the status of consecutive channels.
  • Built-in beeper
  • Power supply 9-18 V
  • Firmware upgradeable via serial ports or network
  • Stylish aluminum case
  • As an option - an additional case protecting the device from moisture (waterproof)
  • DIN rail mounting

Programming features:

  • Runs applications written in Tibbo BASIC
  • Absolute flexibility - the DS1000 functions performed depend on the loaded Tibbo Basic application.
  • Equipped with  TIDE (Tibbo Integrated Development Environment) - an application development environment with debugging tools.
  • Integrated web server (http) with active content generation
  • Numerous high-level objects speed up and simplify programming. Available facilities include:
    • SOCK - up to 16 TCP or UDP connections
    • SER - UART connections
    • IO - Serial Port Line Monitoring
    • Stor - read and write from EEPROM (ROM with electric erasure)
    • Romfile - adds static (ROM) data to your project

DS1000 received IP68 certificate!

The DS1000 (Basic Programmable Industrial Controller) now complies  with the IP68 standard .

IP (Ingress protection rating) is a widely used standard for durability of the product shell. The higher the IP value, the more secure the device is. IP68 is a very high rating and is considered sufficient for most industrial equipment.

A special case is put on the DS1000, after which the device becomes protected from moisture and dust. Up to 6 cables can be connected to the device through special safety holes in the case.

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