Less is really more.


Cut off the connector and ...

Reduce costs

One US dollar. 

This is as much as it costs nowadays to get a good RJ socket with LEDs and inductances. The price is low, as the producers of such nests can produce millions of them every day. Tibbo have another business. We can not make a nest in a dollar apiece. So go ahead, buy nests from people who know how to cheaply make them - and reduce costs.

There is a choice

  • Cheap jacks.
  • Ultra reliable connectors.
  • Waterproof connectors.
  • ESP-protected jacks.
  • PoE optimized jacks.
  • Сonnectors with and without LEDs.
  • Short sockets.
  • Low Sockets.

The list of available RJ connectors is increasing and increasing. But Tibbo is forcing you to buy a connector (or module) of own production, but gives you the freedom to choose. Select the connector that you like. MiniMo will not mind.

Stands and firmly holds

Designed to be mounted in an upright position and becomes the standard for RJ jack. Our MiniMo devices occupy little space on the board up to 18.5x6.5 mm (0.72 "x0.62"). The width and height of the EM500 - Minimo first member of the family - is very similar to a standard RJ jack. Just think how the EM500 6.5mm thick is an extension of the connector. And there is, completely independent expansion.

Everything you need, nothing superfluous

The EM500 has everything you need: Ethernet port, one serial interface, 8 digital I / O lines, a small EEPROM 320KB for your Tibbo BASIC applications. Want additional services, such as a flash drive or RTC? Add it outside if you need them, and reduce the cost if you do not need it.

Can you handle 11 lines?

One RJ connector of your choice; 2 resistor; one capacitor; 11 communication lines;reset the device. It's everything you need to connect EM500. Of course, you can cope with this "complexity." Consider the cost minimization? Buy all parts directly from suppliers. Want to simplify the purchase? Buy it from us as a set.

The idea that shed light

How many LEDs does a typical RJ connector have?? Two! How many LEDs are required for existing Tibbo modules? Four. That is more for two LEDs. Minimalism to the bones, we developed Minimo with only two LEDs instead of 4: The status of the module is indicated by a flashing, and the brightness indicates the physical state of the connection.

Also BASIC-programmable

Enjoy our small developed an inexpensive programming environment. It's not just the converter serial-to-Ethernet. Minimo offers a fully programmable computing platform, that is suitable for the price and size of almost any design.

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