The concept

Good Separate. Ideal in the set.

Good Separate

The device of the X20X family are classified into two types: EM modules - which include a CPU, Ethernet controller, memory and other digital circuits; modular RJ connectors that have Ethernet connections, magnetics RJ45 jack and shielded that part "covers" module.

EM modules can be used with any standard Ethernet connector (eg, connector YCL-PTC1111-01G RJ45 with integrated magnetics).

Depending on the model and configuration, these devices can operate either as interfaces converters or as BASIC-programmable controllers.

Each module of the X20X family has several status LEDs.

RJ modules combine a standard 10 / 100BaseT interface and an RJ45 connector.

Unique patented design RJ module minimizes the required PCB size and enables you to build other components (such as Ethernet controller) directly underneath.

Lightweight body partially covering the module, it provides a better mechanical strength and good air circulation (due to the open part of the device).

The front panel of the case is translucent, which allows the user to monitor the LED status indication ethernet

Ideal in the set

EM and RJ modules perfectly combined with each other. EM device is integrated directly under the RJ module, which ensures efficient use of the allocated area of the printed circuit board.

In this configuration, the LEDs EM module appear directly behind the translucent panel RJ device. Thus, the user can simultaneously monitor the condition of both RJ, and EM module


Much Improved, still Compatible

To create a better product, we did not just think outside the box. We completely abandoned the legacy design! The new X20X family module has a patented design, significantly improved, compared to the now-outdated EM202 module.

100% Compatibility...

A pair of new EM / RJ modules of the X20X family directly replace the outdated EM202 in your product.

All important mechanical dimensions have been retained, as well as full electrical and interoperability with the EM202 module.


Less parts - less weight! In addition, there is no epoxy resin filling, so the new X20X devices are very light. The combined weight of the EM203A and RJ203A modules is only 9.4 grams. This is 50% of the weight of one EM202 module.


Environmental problems are becoming increasingly important. Tibbo is at the forefront of creating "green" products.

New X20X devices require less raw materials (raw materials) for the production of modules. In addition, the absence of epoxy resin filling facilitates the separation of components during the recycling of used equipment!


The open design of the printed circuit board provides natural air circulation around the integrated circuit and, as a consequence, a lower temperature.


New X20X modules we have also made some noise emitted reduction DB (decibels).

Reduced noise levels will help in obtaining CE / FCC certificates for the products you develop


A new family of X20X modules includes inexpensive, ready-to-use interface converters ("COM-to-IP" solutions) and BASIC-programmable solutions based on the T1000 ASIC controller. Which module should I use? The choice is yours!

Ruler of devices

The table below shows the EM modules in the left column and the RJ module connectors in the right column.

Compatible devices are located in the same row. For example, the EM203A module is compatible with the RJ203A module


Dual-purpose device based on DM9000B IC


Works with the EM203A or other device based on DM9000EP


The dual-use device is based on an improved DM9000B IC


Works with the EM203, EM1206, or any other device based on DM9000EP


BASIC-programmable Ethernet module

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