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The driver allows you to use the Motorola DCS (Symbol) to collect data on accepted, shipped or inventory items.

Compatible with the following terminal models:

Motorola (Symbol) MC1000, MT2070 / 2090, MC3000 / 3090, MC3100, MC9060 / 9090, MC35, MC50 / 55, MC70 / 75, PDT8100, PPT8800. 
CASIO IT-600, IT-800, DT-X5, DT-X7. 
Bitatek IT-7000, IT-8000. 
Datalogic Datalogic Memor, Scorpio. 
Falcon 4410/4420. 
Honeywell Dolphin 6100. 
Unitech HT660, PA962, PA963, PA968. 
OPTICON H-19, PHL-7112. 
Intermec CK3, CK31, CK61, CN50, CN2B. 

The driver implements the standard for the driver of the trade equipment, thanks to which it works seamlessly in configurations:

(8.2) “Trade management”, edition, 
(8.2) “Management of a manufacturing enterprise”, edition, 
(8.1) “Management of trade”, edition, 
(8.1) “Management of a manufacturing enterprise”, edition, 
(8.1) "Integrated Automation", edition 1.0 
(8.1) "Retail", edition, 
(8.1) "Accounting of the enterprise", edition 1.6, 
(8.0) "Management of trade", editions 10.2, 
(7.7 ) “Trade + Warehouse”, starting from 9.2, 
(7.7) “Wholesale and retail configuration”, starting from 7.70.924. 

The standard configuration of the driver provides for the operations “Collection of bar codes”, “Revaluation ka "," Arrival at the warehouse "," Order selection "and" Inventory ", which allow you to:
- unload the nomenclature and documents on TSD; 
- scan the barcodes of goods and see on the screen of the TSD what, what and how much corresponds to the scanned barcode; 
- enter your quantities, prices; 
- download terminal data as 1C document lines. 

Through the use of the Mobile SMARTS 2008 platform, a development environment for mobile operations is supplied with the driver, which allows you to change the processing logic of the document and the user interface of the TSD, as well as develop new operations.

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