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The driver allows you to use "1C: Enterprise" and a data collection terminal (TSD) with a built-in barcode reader to conduct an inventory of fixed assets.

The treatments supplied with the driver allow printing fixed asset labels with a barcode, uploading fixed asset cards to the TSD, uploading the expected availability of fixed assets to the TSD, and loading the inventory results into the OS Inventory documents. 

For individual configurations, accounting for MOLs and units is supported. 

Supported configurations: 
(8.2) “Management of a manufacturing enterprise” (version, 
(8.2) “Accounting of the enterprise KORP”, starting from, 
(8.1) “Accounting of the enterprise” (version, 
(8.1) “Accounting of a budgetary institution” 
(8.1) “Accounting of an enterprise of KORP” starting from 1.6.15, 
(8.1) “Accounting of a construction organization”
(8.1) “Management of a manufacturing enterprise” (version, 
(8.1) “Integrated automation” (version, 
(8.1) “Accounting for Kazakhstan” (version, 
(8.1) “Accounting for Of Ukraine ”(version, 
(8.1)“ Accounting for Belarus (version, 
(7.7) “Accounting (budget)” 
(7.7) “Construction Contractor” 

Inventory with preloading means the following procedure:

1 On TSD unload data card asset. 
2. The OS Inventory documents, which contain data on the expected availability of fixed assets, are unloaded on the TSD. 
3. Bar codes of fixed assets are collected using TSD.
4. Data TSD are loaded back into the documents "OS Inventory".

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