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A special version of Mobile SMARTS 2008 client is “Packet data exchange with TSD”.

As a rule, mobile terminals are sold without any application software that allows you to recognize barcodes of goods, accumulate them, compare them with the invoice and upload them to a PC. “NBS” offers a special version of Mobile SMARTS 2008 client and a simple program - “Packet data exchange with TSD” . The program converts regular Excel or CSV files into a format understandable to the terminal program, and vice versa.

A terminal data exchange tool is a special program that allows you to use a mobile terminal for specific application purposes, such as working in a warehouse or in a store. The exchange tool installs a special program on the terminal and one of the predefined configurations to choose from. Configurations determine which operations the mobile terminal will support and how they should be performed. The exchange tool allows you to convert documents from several formats into a format that the terminal understands, upload them to the terminal in the form of tasks for execution, as well as download completed tasks from the terminal and convert them back to the format you need. 

The following configurations are available:

    • Collecting bar codes: allows you to simply scan products one by one or with the input quantity;

    • Simple warehouse: acceptance, shipment, return and inventory without taking into account cells or storage locations;

    • Address storage: taking into account cells or storage sites, but without the ability to use nested containers marked with a barcode (pallets, trays, boxes with a unique number);

    • Container storage of address storage: cells and storage sites with the ability to use nested containers. For each product, the terminal requests a storage location and container number, allows you to view the layout of the containers;

By purchasing a special development tool, you can develop your own configuration or change the standard to fit your needs.

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