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The IntelliTouch touchscreens are based on an original technology using the principle of surface-acoustic waves.

IntelliTouch is a technology for surface acoustic waves (SAW). Differs in high image quality and long service life.

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Comparative characteristics           
Cables and accessories  
Justification of the selection 
Controllers and accessories 
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The IntelliTouch touchscreens are based on an original technology using the principle of surface-acoustic waves. The screen is a glass panel that allows you to get the highest quality image on your touch monitor. The surface of IntelliTouch screens is able to withstand mechanical damage. Touch the screen with your finger, gloved hand or stylus and you will get the exact answer to the touch. The IntelliTouch touchscreens have proven themselves in trade, education, and intelligent buildings.

How IntelliTouch Works


Piezo transducers are located at the corners in the non-working part on the glass panel of the screen corresponding to the shape of the monitor matrix. The controller sends an electrical signal to the transducers, which turn the signal into an acoustic wave. The acoustic wave travels across the surface of the glass panel and is reflected by an array of sensors around the perimeter. Receiving sensors collect the reflected wave and send it back to the piezoelectric elements. The wave is converted into an electrical signal, which is analyzed by the controller.


When you touch the screen, part of the surface wave is absorbed. The received signal is compared with the standard, changes are determined, coordinates are calculated. This process is carried out independently along two axes - X and Y. A feature of IntelliTouch is the ability to determine the force of touch - the Z coordinate. The coordinates are transferred to the computer.

Comparative characteristics

Technical comparison with other technologies

Elo sensor technologies (resistive and surface acoustic waves) are designed for use in various environmental conditions. IntelliTouch technology was patented in 1987. Since then, the line has been complemented by SecureTouch vandal resistant screens. IntelliTouch technology is designed for public use.


Surface Acoustic Wave Technology 
(IntelliTouch, SecureTouch)


 Емкостная технология





Surfactant technology

Capacitive technology


IntelliTouch and SecureTouch: Glass only .

iTouch: The image is clear, contrast, has a color depth the same as in the absence of a touch screen.

Glass with a metallic coating.


90-92% (on ASTM D1003).

iTouch: 100%.

85% - with a distance between the surfaces of 550 nanometers.

Reflection / Glare

No metallic coatings. There are screens with and without anti-reflective coating.

iTouch: No need to use anti-reflective coatings. The reflection is 80% lower than in screens made by capacitive technology.

Metal coatings enhance reflection. There are screens with and without anti-reflective coating.

Color purity

Does not change.

Metallic coatings add a shade of yellow to especially white colors.

Justification of the choice

Clarity and reliability

The IntelliTouch touchscreens provide a bright, clear image, even when used in public places.

Benefits of IntelliTouch:

  • The glass screen has maximum transparency, provides high resolution and brightness.
  • Durable, scratch-resistant and vandal-resistant screen surface
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • The exact answer to touch: (without false activation, efficient algorithms and electronics, determining the coordinates of touch and pressure)
  • Activated by finger, gloved hand and stylus
  • High resolution 4096x4096
  • Touch screens and controllers are UL and cUL certified, components are T? V
  • Touch monitors comply with UL, cUL, FCC, and CE standards
  • 3 year warranty on IntelliTouch touchscreens and controllers

Controllers and accessories

2701 RSU 

 Voltage - 5 VDC nominal (from 4.75 to 5.25)

50 A , with 5 V

Common noise must be less than 100 V for frequencies below 1 MHz and less than 50 Mv for frequencies above 1 MHz.

 RS232 interface

  • EIA 232E (Serial RS-232), DCE configuration. 8 Data Bits, 1 Stop Bit, No Parity, Full Duplex
  • Hardware handshaking: RTS / CTS
  • DSR is pulled HIGH (> + 3V) by the 2216 when connected and powered. It can be asserted. 
  • Note: If it’s not a problem, it’s not a monitor.

USB interface

  •  The CTR-270100-IT-RSU-00R controller is an interrupt-type, full-speed USB device.

Communication options

  • 9600 and 19200

Action mode   - full Intelli Touch SmartSet protocol.

Resolution - 4096x4096

Speed   - 10 ms.

Reliability  - more than 1,543,000 hours at an ambient temperature of 25 ° C


  • Works 10% - 90%
  • Storage 10% - 90%

 Ambient temperature

  • Works from 0С to 65С
  • Storage from - 25С to 85С


  • Width - 53.3 mm
  • Length - 83. 82 mm
  • Height - 10, 1 6 mm


  • RS232: P / N D16890-00
  • USB cable: P / N D38640-000
  • RS232 / USB cable: P / N D40022-000


Coordinate Accuracy

Standard deviation error less than 2.03 mm

Force push

55 - 85 grams

Light transmission

up to 90%

Chemical resistance

Acetone, Isopropyl alcohol, Gasoline, Ammonium-based windshield wipers, Methyl ethyl ketone, Ethyl acetate.


More than 50 million touches to one point are admissible.

Screen size

from 6.4 "to 30"

Temperature condition, 0С

For operation from - 20 to +50, for storage from - 40 to +71


Glass panel, thickness 0.125 "- 0.090" depending on the size. Transparent antiglare layer. Resolution: 140 - 15000 points per cm2.


RS232 / USB


Elo TouchSystems

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