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DS1202 is a miniature BASIC-programmable controller, primarily designed to solve the problems of converting RS232-ethernet interfaces and controlling devices connected to a serial port.
Serial to Ethernet Controller Tibbo DS1202, RS232, BASIC-programmable jest do kupienia w przyrostach co 1

EM1202 BASIC-programmable Ethernet Module


10/100BaseT Ethernet port

1024KB flash disk onboard

Four high-speed TTL serial ports

Supports Wi-Fi, LCD, keypad, buzzer

Up to 32 I/O lines

Very compact (19x17x14mm)


While occupying miniscule 19x17mm on your PCB, the EM1202 BASIC-programmable embedded module retains most features of the much larger EM 1000 device.

These Include 100Base/T Ethernet, four serial ports, onboard flash. EEPROM, and 32 I/O lines that can be used to interface with external LCD, keypad, buzzer, and card readers

Thanks to its miniature dimensions, the EM1202 can be conveniently used as a network front-end in automation, security, and data collection systems.

The EM 1202 can also support Wi-Fi communications (this requires GA1000 add-on board).


  • Based on a high-performance purpose-built     2KB EEPROM for data storage.

88-MHz ASIC (T1000)                                              .      Supports external LCD and keypad

  • 10? 100BaseT auto-MDIX Ethernet port .    Programmable square-wave output for external

(no magnetics).                                                          buzzer.

  • Optional Wi-Fi interface (requires GA1000 add-on .    Up t0 32 general-purpose I/O lines (including      8

module).                                                                   interrupt lines).

  • Four high-speed serial pons (CMOS-level): .    Four control lines for status LEDs.
  • Baud rates of up to 921.600bps; .      Software-controlled onboard PLL.
  • None/even/odd/mark/space parity modes; .      Reliable power-on/brown-out reset circuit.
  • 7/8 bits/character modes; .      Power: 230mA @ 3.3V (100BaseT mode,
  • Full-duplex mode with optional flow control; PLL on).
  • Half-duplex mode with direction control;       Dimensions: 17.1x19.1x14.6mm.
  • Encoding and decoding of Wiegand and dock/                Firmware is upgradeable through the serial port or

data streams                                                         network.

  • Up to 1024KB flash memory for firmware, application, and data.
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