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New full-featured fiscal printer at the budget price level, based on the Exellio EP-60 printer. The design is made of plastic and provides the necessary rigidity and strength. The compact size allows you to place the printer on any workplace, and thanks to the mounting holes and additional support rollers, even on vertical mounts. The printer performs printing at speeds up to 150 mm/s and is equipped with an automatic paper cutter.

Technical features

Printing mechanism

The printing mechanism is designed to work under moderate loads. High printing speed (150 mm / s) ensures fast queue advancement during peak hours and improves customer service.

Easy-load system

Quick check tape replacement system - allows you to replace the tape in seconds, and does not require special training of cashiers. Minimizes the occurrence of emergency situations associated with the replacement of the tape.

Vertical and horizontal layout

For the convenience of users, the fiscal registrar can operate in both horizontal and vertical positions.

Protocol compatibility

Due to the unified data exchange protocols, the registrar is fully compatible with the software created for previous models of Exellio TM registrars, which will quickly integrate it into the existing system.


The registrar fully takes into account the requirements for KLEF. Copies of checks and reports are stored in the memory of the registrar and, if necessary, can be reprinted. At the request of the client, KLEF media with a capacity of 4 GB (default) to 32 GB can be installed.

Data transfer

Connecting to the local network of the enterprise and transmitting FSU data is performed using wired Ethernet technology.

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