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SmaFinger is a fingerprint reader combined with a 13.56 MHz contactless RFID card reader. Combining biometric technology with 13.56 MHz RFID technology makes Smafinger more versatile and reliable.

SmartFinger SF500 / SF600 is a fingerprint reader, developed on the basis of the so-called contactless RFID smart card 13.56 MHz. Combining biometric fingerprint identification technology with 13.56 MHz RFID technology makes Smafinger a powerful non-contact biometric device that allows you to add a fingerprint reader to your security system without great expense. To solve the privacy problem, SmaFinger provides a high level of protection of personal information due to the fact that each fingerprint is stored in a separate card. The reader itself supports the Mifare MAD1 / MAD2 format, which allows organizations to make their own special identification cards.

The SmartFinger reader can operate in three access modes: “card only”, “card plus fingerprints” or “fingerprints only”. In the latter mode, the card registration and liquidation functions are also available. To create a database of fingerprints do not require any additional equipment or a permanent system.

- Checkpoints 
- Identification of Cash Cards 
- Membership Cards for VIPs 
- Driving License or Identity Card 
- Registration with Computer Systems 
- Security Systems

When working with the SF500 / SF600, three access modes are possible:
1. Card only 
2. Card + fingerprint 
3. Fingerprint (this method is also used to access the card registration and deletion functions, i.e. in the use of any additional equipment for making prints in the database)

Main characteristics:

  • - Access Modes:
    • Only card - yes
    • Card + fingerprint - no need
  • Mifare card type - 1K / 4K
  • Card format - only MAD1 / MAD2
  • Identification Speed -
  • Card reading range - maximum 50mm
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