GP60 ProxID ProxID Reader

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High-performance contactless proximity readers that combine small dimensions and a large reading range (up to 60 cm).

ProxID ProxID Card Readers

ProxID is a high-performance contactless proximity reader, combining small dimensions and a large reading range. Readers work from a wide range of supply voltages (from 5 to 12.5 Volts) and are ideally suited for use in any system, especially in controlling access to premises.

The undoubted advantage of these devices is a large selection of possible interfaces, which allows them to be built into any existing systems. Thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies, extremely low cost has been achieved for devices of this class. The older models of the described series demonstrate record reading ranges of passive proximity cards.


  • Long reading range
  • Small size
  • Wide range of possible supply voltages
  • Selection of a variety of interfaces
  • Weather-protected
  • Low price


  • GP8 - small-sized OEM proxy module, designed to be embedded in their products
  • GP20 / 30 - readers with a standard case for electronic equipment, designed for installation on the wall.
  • GP60 / 90 - long range readers


  • Power supply: variable power 5 ~ 12.5 (13.5) VDC
  • Supported interfaces (user configurable):
    • Emulation interface magnetic head ABA TK2, Clock
    • RS232C, serial and / f, ASCII output
    • Wiegand
  • Read range (using CFR01 ISO cards):
    • GP8 - up to 7 cm without an external antenna, up to 30 cm with a corresponding antenna
    • GP20 - up to 11 cm at a supply voltage of 5V, up to 20 cm at a supply voltage of 12.5V
    • GP30 - up to 18 cm at a supply voltage of 5V, up to 30 cm at a supply voltage of 13.5V
    • GP60 - up to 60 cm
    • GP90 - up to 90 cm (uses an additional antenna)
  • Frequency: 125 KHz
  • Format: 64 bits, Manchester coding
  • Carriers: passive
  • Dimensions:
    • GP8 - 41 * 24 * 10 mm
    • GP20 - 78 * 43 * 15 mm
    • GP30 - 104 * 63 * 20 mm
  • Operating temperature range: -10 oC - 65 oC

Application example:


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