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Terminal Symbol / Motorola MC 1000 is the perfect combination of price and quality. Terminal MC 1000 will allow you to track the movement of commercial products, as well as increase the speed of operations in warehouses.

Terminal MC 1000 is one of the best retail solutions. The center will help connect the Symbol / Motorola 1000 terminal to 1c programs. The terminal encloses the Symbol / Motorola mc1000 in a shockproof case, protected from dust and moisture, withstands a fall from a height of 1.5 m. The MS1000 is suitable for use in retail, points of sale, in a warehouse and in the field of logistics. Equipped with a laser scanner and has an SD (Secure Digital) format slot for memory expansion. 

MC 1000The newest product in the Symbol / Motorola range of mobile computers. This low-cost, ergonomic data collection terminal is designed specifically for simple data collection applications and allows you to improve, adjust, and tune your operating parameters as your business requires. A simple and flexible terminal application development tool greatly simplifies the setup process and greatly expands the functionality of the device. The terminal comes in an industrial rubberized case, easy to use, support and work. Symbol / Motorola MC 1000 improves work efficiency by automating core business processes, error-free data collection, and product tracking. Configuration of the data collection terminal MC 1000includes only the parameters that you need to work. For unused parameters and settings you do not overpay. The new data terminal Symbol / Motorola MC 1000 allows you to get the most out of the minimum amount of investment. Symbol / Motorola MC 1000 supports the DKLink software package designed to automate the process of data collection using data collection terminals.

High-speed data processing is provided by a high-performance processor (Intel XScale 312 MHz) and a large amount of internal memory (32 MB of RAM and 32 MB of flash memory). A high-contrast monochrome display with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels facilitates the perception and input of information, and the IP54 industrial protection class makes it possible to use the terminal even in difficult conditions. The terminal is protected from water and dirt, it withstands multiple falls on a concrete floor from a height of 1.5m. The ergonomic design and convenient location of the keys have a positive effect on the efficiency of the operator, and the ability to choose the type of power source, along with increased durability, ensures uninterrupted terminal operation.

The company center offers various solutions to automate the process of rediscounting, receiving and shipping goods. In addition, there is the possibility of developing software individually according to customer requirements, and the quality and efficiency of the work performed will satisfy the most demanding customers. 

The data collection terminal allows you to perform basic operations in a warehouse using bar-coding technology. It is possible to perform standard operations in a warehouse (write-off, debit, receipt, inventory) with the ability to display detailed information about a product, its residuals, price, etc. By scanning the terminal with bar codes or manually searching by name, internal code, inventory number or bar code, the required identification unit is uniquely determined.

We recommend purchasing the program "Shtrih-M: Mobile Accounting" together with the data collection terminal, a program that is compatible at the data exchange level for 1C: Enterprise 7.7. The software allows you to maintain registration of accounting documents on a mobile device for basic accounting operations. Entering goods into a document using a barcode or product code, using a visual selection of positions. The program is purchased for each data collection terminal, since it is tied to a specific terminal. 

Using data collection terminals will help:

  • Reduce time costs for inventory and other operations
  • Minimize labor costs, and therefore reduce the time to perform labor-intensive operations
  • Reduce the likelihood of unauthorized disappearance of property
  • Accelerate the timely detection of the end of life of the property
  • Analyze staff performance
  • Prevent theft and theft from stock
  • Increase the level of operational control of movement
  • Get rid of inaccuracies at admission or retirement
  • Identify direct abuse of materially responsible persons
  • Identify incorrect reflection of documentary data in analytical and synthetic accounting
  • Identify natural losses (natural loss) arising under the influence of biological, physical and chemical effects of the environment
  • Identification of property units, restaurants, employees
  • Enter data on the receipt, vacation or transfer of property
  • Inventory, property valuation and other operations
  • Formation of standard or individual templates for the operations performed
  • Formation of documents "inventory list" and "collation statement"
  • Data exchange with programs 1С: predpriyatie 1С: Trade 7.7

Our company represents almost all well-known brands of bar-coding equipment, if you are interested in a product that you did not find on the site, you can contact our phone managers and they will help you find a similar product, or recommend a partner where you can buy it. 

Key features of the Symbol / Motorola MC 1000 data collection terminal

The size
16.3 cm H x 6.45 cm W x 3.8 cm
205 g. (With a laser scanner)
25 keys
Display resolution
240 x 240 (monochrome with backlight)
1800 mAh
Intel® Xscale ™ PXA 270 312 Mhz
operating system
Win CE 4.2 Core
32 MB / 32 MB
SD expansion slot
RS-232, USB
Working temperature
-10 to 50C
95% non-condensing
Protection level
IP 54
Impact resistance
can withstand falling onto concrete floor from a height of 1.2 m
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